Death Metal Assault
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Evans Drumheads
September 3, 2017: Hey metal maniacs, we've just received a really nice support, video report and great overview of our festival from Vivsyanka!!! Thanks a lot!!! Watch it & enjoy!!!
August 27, 2017: As usual we would like to thank everybody for showing up yesterday and supporting the 8th and last edition of UzhGoreRot festival!!! A big thank you goes out to all the bands for their quality music and awesome performances!!!
August 24, 2017: The updated running order for UzhGoreRot 2017 festival is enclosed here!!!
August 14, 2017: Sadly we have to inform you that CHRIST AGONY from Poland can't play at our festival, because of several line-up issues that took place in the band the past weeks. Here is the official statement received today from the band's leader Cezary "Cezar" Augustynowicz: "I apologize for the delay regarding of the participation Christ Agony at the festival. I'm working on the new current band composition but there is not much time left. Unfortunately I'm not able to appear as a band myself and I'm dependent of the preparation of new musicians. Despite of very intensive preparation the situation is very complicated. Althought i would like to play on 26th of August I'm obligated to appeal participation Christ Agony. I'm very sorry for the situation but it would be unprofessional to confirm our participetion when the musicians are not feeling ready to play so soon. Please for understanding and I'm very sorry again! As the situation is very difficoult for me and i see Christ Agony very profesional it should'n happened but there is not much i can do at this situation. Best regards! Cezar"
July 13, 2017: Here is the complete merchandise prepared for the UzhGoreRot 2017 festival edition!!! Enjoy!!!
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