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July 7, 2011: Today we fixed a new place for the festival. It will be in the killer night club "Phantom" (Kapushanska str. 156a)!!!
April 11, 2011: We are happy to announce the headliners of UzhGoreRot 2011 festival, the masters of Polish Death Metal - DECAPITATED!!! This year the festival will be Saturday, 3rd of September 2011!!!
August 27, 2010: Finally a few videos have been added from this year's UzhGoreRot. Check them out in the Videos section!!! More to come...
June 28, 2010: This year we will have only one t-shirt design for the festival (and as usual in different colors & sizes, respectively). Below find enclosed the one in black:
May 9, 2010: We are pleased to say that the line-up for UzhGoreRot 2010 is complete! For more detailed information please check program section! Attention fans, supporters & promoters!!! Now you can download a quality, printer ready festival poster here and spread the word about the festival in your area as well. Grind on!!!
April 19, 2010: Next confirmed band is the harsh grindcore trio from Lucenec (Slovakia), namely MIZAR.
March 24, 2010: Our latest addition is Polish Thrash Metal squad - HALUCYNOGEN.
March 19, 2010: Slovakian dealers of Brutal Death Metal, namely MOONFOG, are the next addition!
March 16, 2010: Polish masters of grindcore EPITOME confirmed their participation as well.
March 15, 2010: Local d-beat/crust fellows of DISPLEASE has been added today.
February 25, 2010: A gift for all the maniacs of crust - we've added Slovakian d-beat/metal/punk band BETON.
February 22, 2010: Today, we added HEDONISTIC EXILITY to the line-up. They are a young and promising Technical Brutal Death Metal act from Kiev.
February 8, 2010: We are happy to announce the headliners of the festival, the legendary Czech crust/grind/rock'n'rollers - MALIGNANT TUMOUR!!! Fiercely looking forward to thrash!!!
February 3, 2010: In the list of participants appears the first band, namely KIROWA GÓRA - Ukrainian grindcore product.
February 2, 2010: We are happy to announce the date for the second edition of UzhGoreRot Open Air Festival. It will be Saturday, 10th of July 2010!!!
July 16, 2009: The festival DVD is almost ready... It will be available shortly for the masses! So stay tuned...
June 13, 2009: Well, the first edition of UzhGoreRot Open Air Festival reached its completion. We would like to thank everybody who supported/helped us in any way, all the participating bands and last but not least all the die-hard fans of extreme music!
May 30, 2009: Festival t-shirts are in process! There will be 2 designs.
May 10, 2009: Unfortunately, INCARNATED had to cancel their show, because their drummer moved to another city, due to his work. They really apologize for this.
May 6, 2009: We are pleased to announce the festival buttons have finally arrived today! You can select between 14 types as shown on the picture below. All of them are 1" buttons! Enjoy!
January 16, 2009: The final puzzle in the UzhGoreRot line-up was given to local goregrinders – VULVULATOR!
October 12, 2008: Next confirmed band is LYCANTHROPHY from Czech Republic. You can expect an extreme Hardcore/Fastcore performance from this quartet with a total screaming female onslaught!
September 23, 2008: Official festival site has been finally unleashed at: There will be available all the detailed information regarding the festival organization, news, changes, etc. If you already knew about this festival – spread the word to your friends and to all the fans of "death/grind" musick! We appreciate any kind of support!
September 7, 2008: A new blasphemic Death Metal horde called GOD DEFAMER from Slovakia joined us today!!!
September 4, 2008: OK, here we go with two more band additions: EPICRISE (Crust/Grind, Ukraine) and ATTACK OF RAGE (Grindcore, Slovakia).
September 3, 2008: Today's addition are the crazy grinders of NEUROPATHIA from Poland!
September 2, 2008: Slovakian groovy Deathcore dealers - SUBURBAN TERRORIST - have been added today.
September 1, 2008: We are proud to announce the addition of Polish grind core masters, i.e. DEAD INFECTION. Yet we have 1 more confirmed band, namely CRANIOTOMY from Slovakia.
August 31, 2008: DEMENTOR from Slovakia has confirmed its participation.
August 11, 2008: Festival website unleashed, to be modified & updated with time. The complete list of bands will be revealed shortly...
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