Death Metal Assault
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Evans Drumheads
April 24, 2017: Attention maniacs!!! You can already buy tickets for pre-sale price 100 UAH!!! In Uzhgorod they are available in BAR 13 (Korzo str. 4) and in Teplotechnika (prospekt Svobody 1)!!!
April 20, 2017: We've added the final puzzle to this year's festival line-up. It is DATURA a heavyweight Brutal Death/Grind band from Ukraine. For some great audio and video materials please visit their facebook page at:
April 13, 2017: How about some Brutal Death Metal? ENDOCRANIAL from Ukraine will arrive to our festival with their fresh full-length album "In Presence of Total Absence", which is going to be extremely massive and technical!!! You can listen to the band's previous materials at:
April 6, 2017: Bodycheck grinders from Slovakia are also in!!! THORWALD's music is a mix between ultrafast powerviolence and rough grindcore!!! The band's latest album available for listening at:
April 5, 2017: Are you into brutal downtuned Death/Grind madness? We hope so, 'cause UNBORN SUFFER from Poland is about to serve you a lesson in brutality at UzhGoreRot 2017!!! Check the band's latest album at:
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