CASTRUM was formed in September of 1994, when two friends Cornelius (guitar) & Georgius (vocals) decided to create a unique Death Metal band with one aim to play the music they like. After a long search in September of 1995, Werkoff (drums) joined the band and the line-up of CASTRUM became stable.
In February 1996 CASTRUM recorded their first demo called "Burial of the Affection", which contained 7 songs. Just a few months later in June 1996 CASTRUM entered to "Impertinence Studio" to record their first studio demo called "Flames by Impiety", which included 2 tracks + intro/outro of medieval Death Metal and was produced by Cornelius personally. In October 1996, the band recorded three new songs for the second studio demo "Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror", produced by Eugene Petrus and Cornelius. This demo was very well received by the underground press and fans worldwide. The lyrical conception of CASTRUM mostly deals with historical events but there were some lyrics based on the band members' personal experiences too. On this demo the band achieved even better production and a much heavier sound. Later on, Werkoff was compelled to leave the band, due to the complications took part in his family life. He had been replaced with drummer Doni from SOULREST.
Forward to the 10th of October 1998 CASTRUM was invited to Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), where they played with Czech Death Metal godz KRABATHOR. It was a fantastic experience for all the members of CASTRUM.
In September 1999 the band signed a deal with the Ukrainian underground label Metal Force Records. The first result of it was an MC release unleashed under the banner of "The Leading Spirit of Medieval Tortures" (MF002).
In the fall of 2000 Metal Force Records released the band's debut album "Hatenourisher" (MF006) in MC format. It followed shortly a record deal with Canadian Bloodbucket Productions and "Hatenourisher" was out in CD format (BPCD1304) as well by 25th of May 2001!
During January 2002 the band finished the recordings of their 2nd album, entitled "Mysterious Yet Unwearied". It was released on CD by Bloodbucket Productions on the 3rd day of December 2002!
On the 12th of August 2003 CASTRUM played a killer show before Polish Death Metal masters VADER in Lvov (Ukraine)!
2004 went also successfully for the band. First was the "Death Metal Assault II" gig on the 4th of March with such bands as PARRICIDE, MENTAL DEMISE and GLOBALISED ABSTRUSE and later on "Metal Heads' Mission Fest-V" (07-08.08.2004, Evpatoriya, Crimea, Ukraine) with such killer bands as PUNGENT STENCH, NEOLITH, DEAD INFECTION, TOXIC BONKERS, and AMBIVALENCE to name a few.
In 2005 the band played some excellent shows and fests, i.e. "Merciless East Festival II" (Poland), "Death Metal Assault III & IV", "Smashed Ground Metal Fest", "Extreme Metal Annihilation" and "Uzhgo-Rock" (all Ukrainian).
During August 25 & 26, 2005 the band recorded drumparts for the 3rd album. Later on, January 17-20 & 23, 2006 we have completed recording guitars and bass parts as well as vocal parts.
27th of January a video clip for the song "The Gate of the Universal Mystery" from the 2nd album was born.
Beginning from March 2006 the band played intensively live. First was "Death Metal Assault V" along with SMASHED FACE and DATURA. Then came a tour with MENTAL DEMISE throughout Ukraine between 18th and 27th of May yet with a session drummer Stapler.
Finally, in October the band mixed the material for their 3rd album, titled "Phenomenonsense". It was released through Bloodbucket Productions late 2006! It contains 10 songs of extreme yet innovative Death Metal. Expect the unexpected! There were also two extra tracks recorded for possible 7" and/or compilation releases!
In May 2009 new bass player Rodion joined CASTRUM and just a few weeks later, 12th of June the band performed a great show at UzhGoreRot Open Air Festival!
It was followed by a Ukrainian tour, called "Wrong Sense Tour 2009", in October along with Slovakian friends from OBLITERATE.
In January 2010 the band parted ways with long-time drummer Doni. His place was captured by Eugene Ryabchenko, drummer of THE SYMBIOZ and DISPLEASE!
Presently the band is working on the new album, which is going to be the most fierce and sophisticated one in the band's career! So watch out!