Recorded & mixed during December 16-17 and 28, 2000.
Produced by Gena & Cornelius. Cover art by Ysserge.
All music by Cornelius. All lyrics by Georgius,
except "Hatenourisher" & "Rapid Death" by Cornelius.
Released 25/05/2001 by Bloodbucket Productions (BPCD1304).
Night after night
You are waiting for the light
Then piece by piece
You create your own pit
Time after time
You take advantage of anyone
You can't stand what they do
Because they too different from you
Hatred inside
I hear your soul is crying
You suffer from yourself
And you are dying
Hatred inside
I feel the inner power
You scream for mercy
But you know you can't be free
Fear and hatred became as one
But you feel your emotions are gone
Open your eyes and touch the reality
You'll be frightened by its brutality
Pain and pleasure are what you live for
Keeping you away from death
Life is just a game for you
You think it never ends
In the fire, in the light
You'll stand for eternal dark