Pleasure In The Deeds Of Horror
Recorded & mixed at "Blemished Harmonies Studio",
Uzhhorod, Ukraine, October '96.
Produced by Cornelius & Eugene Petrus.
Cover art painted by Hieronymus Bosch.
All music by Cornelius. All lyrics by Georgius.
Tracklist: Tears Of Eternal Expiation (Intro) / Gilles de Rais ("Le bon sire") / Calvary Of Grandier
Tears Of Eternal Expiation (Intro)
One great french marshal, Gilles de Laval
Killed the innocent children
In the name of Demon,
Evil Count Of Brienne,
Who possessed by Satan
Enjoyed and reveled on the Orgy of Blood
Orgy in Blood was the biggest pleasure
For the Count Of Pederasty
Oh, Gilles de Rais, "Le bon sire"
Poor children of serfs
(for whom cried their mothers)
Died in awful castles
Who were their caskets
Gilles de Rais was rich,
But he ran into debt
because of his fantastic luxuries,
Therefore this count
Evoked the devil
And he slayed by Demonolatry
In the marshal's manor-houses
the devil-worship and black-art
were bred and prospered
By this pederast and his conjurer,
Francesco Prelati
Before the engagement of italian deceiver
Count Of Brienne massacred the children of beggars
And he laughed when they spitted blood
Oh, base Gilles de Rais, Oh, mean Count Of Sodomy
Children of serfs
(for whom cried their mothers)
Were Victimized by knight (Sodomite)
Oh, the children! Oh, the guiltless children!
The Count Of Arrogance, Gilles de Laval
Confessed all his sins on the Trial,
The Baron of Impertinence, Gilles de Rais
Slaughtered because of his culpable lust
The God-forsaken Squire committed forty murders,
For that very reason his name (and his gloriole)
Were blemished forever
By Blood of Innocent children
One mournful autumn day the guilty marshal (Gilles de Rais)
Perished for his atrocious sins (and his gory shame)
In Loudun was Calvary Of Grandier,
He suffered death by hate of his enemies
The young guiltless parson, Urbain Grandier
Fell victim to lying clique (fuckin' clique)
After the maximum output of shameful hypocrisy,
In 1634 Wicked Tribunal pronounced the "just" sentence...
In 1633 Strange events happened
Inside the Loudun's convent
The nuns were in fits
Nuns who possessed by demons were in fits (in erotic spasms)
Nuns who possessed by demons were in fits (in hysterical spasms)
When the hateful hunt of demons raved,
Walls of churches resounded the nuns' screams...
Raving nuns twitched by the sexual hunger,
And accused the innocent priest by fits of hysterics
Calvary of Grandier
Grandier was arrested for the sake of unconscious nuns,
He was imprisoned for the sake of Laubardemont
One knavish surgeon, Manouri (Who was clique's man)
Sought the diabolical stigmas on the Grandier's body
And this deceiver, Manouri (Who was clique's man)
Found two stigmas on the parson's body...
The infamous clique led to the Chamber Of Torture
The Urbain Grandier (Because of trumped-up charges)
Mesmerized nuns, Witchcraft and
Pact with Satan - these dirty lies
Were "the proofs" of Grandier's enemies
On the gory rack poor Grandier
Suffered excruciating pains,
He suffered the pains of hell
For the delight of bloodthirsty clique
In the middle of torture Grandier's
Marrow spilled by the help of Voluntary Executioners...
...Grandier's marrow spilled by the help
Of father Tranquillus, father Lactantius
And their fuckin' company...