Hail metal maniacs!!! Please dive in the latest interview with drummer Olaf Zissel of the mighty Tankard and support the true spirit of the underground!!! Let the metal flow eternally!!!

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Technical death metal and ethereal soundscape dealers from Hungary – Beneath The Void – liberated a totally mind blowing debut album in the middle of the last year. I forwarded my questions to their guitar player Ákos Olt, who quickly sent back his answers. Now it's your turn to revise our talk-over!
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New interview added 12.08.2022:
If you crave for more HM-2 driven death metal in the old school way, then definitely make sure to listen to the demos by Symbtomy. Big thanks to Duzl and Dejvy for the detailed answers!!!

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This year was a very tough one for everyone, but life goes on, as they used to say... So this or that way I am happy to present you the 7th issue of Encomium 'zine. 36 pages of A4 format featuring interviews with AKURION, AURORA BOREALIS, BLEEDSKIN, DERKÉTA, DESCEND INTO DESPAIR, INCANTATION, NYGMALION, SCOUR, SINISTER DOWNFALL, STRAIGHT HATE, THE MALICE, WITCHER and the usual pile of reviews!!! Diehard underground maniacs can order the printed version for the price of 6,66 € (plus postage) or equivalent by sending an e-mail to: kornel.kontros@gmail.com! Spread the word!!!

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13.05.1967 - 13.12.2001
Time is a thing we must accept.
The unexpected I sometimes fear.
Just when I feel there's no
excuse for what happens,
things fall into place.
I know there is no way to
avoid the pain that we must
go through, to find the other
half that is true.
Destiny is what we all seek.
Destiny was waiting for you and me.
I believe behind confusion,
awaits the truth for us.
Past the obstacles we face.
I value our life and trust.
Years of questioning why
things happen the way they do in life.
Wishing that I could turn back
time, so we could join our souls.

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