CASTRUM - "The Essence of the Past" DVD
The DVD was compiled by Cornelius from old archive shows and released in December 2007. The DVD is divided into three parts, these are: Scenery, Visionary and Imagery.
Scenery contains 3 live shows: live @ Animation Fest '96 (Beregovo, Ukraine), two live gigs @ Kathedra, both took place in 1997 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. There is also a bonus live show from Hust, Ukraine in 1998. These live gigs are a backward look at the Transcarpathian metal scene anno 1996-1998. A very good way to compare the band as well as their fans with today's situation. Those who had no opportunity to check out CASTRUM live 10 years ago can at least get an idea about what the band sounded and looked like.
The Visionary part contains three official video clips: Tears of Eternal Expiation, Gilles de Rais ("Le bon sire"), Calvary of Grandier. By the way, these tracks are taken from "Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror" demo tape which was released in 1996. Unfortunately, these tracks haven't been played live lately so young fans haven't got a slightest idea about these great creations of CASTRUM. Imagery features a photo gallery slide show of archive photos dating 1995-1998. You can have a look at the former members of CASTRUM and see the way Cornelius has changed during the past decade.
One can also find all the demos the band has released including "Burial of the Affection" (rehearsal 1996), "Flames by Impiety" (demo 1996), "Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror" (demo 1996) and two rehearsals of 1997 and 1999 respectively.
Have you ever heard of CHAMOS? It's CASTRUM's side-project with the same line-up. The guys experimented with Black metal and this way the "Hellish Reveries" demo appeared in 1997. The demo consisting of two tracks can also be found here.
This self-released DVD with such a splendid design will attract everyone. And your PC will be grateful as well for the DVD contains wallpapers for your desktop. All in all, this is when the dream of every single CASTRUM fan comes true! It's the history of CASTRUM, the band's development step by step. Note, those who don't know the past, won't have the future. Get "The Essence of the Past" or die in ignorance! Long live Death Metal!!! (Review written by Kate on February 24, 2008)