During interviews, the questioner rarely gets such meticulous answers as in case of Ronnie "Ripper" Olson (vocals & bass) from TURBOCHARGED. He is just the best one to talk with. So read on this lengthy interlocution and make sure to order the band's latest release "Apocalyptic"!!!

"Apocalyptic" is your recent long play and I must admit it is damn good. Definitely my favorite TURBOCHARGED release so far. Dark, sounding totally underground and maximally true to the Swedish Death Metal heritage. Plus, let's not forget the black humor filled lyrics. Musically I would say it is a flawless mixture between such cult hordes as SODOM, NIHILIST, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and MOTÖRHEAD with some punky attitude. By the way, how would you describe and define the music of TURBOCHARGED played on "Apocalyptic"?
- I don't know how to label this album more than that it's what we sounded like while writing this album. We don't plan to go in any direction from album to album, we just let our creative flow lead us to wherever we end up basically, but of course there is a basic recipe in the bottom of it all.
All three of us has a past in Swedish more or less Death Metal so of course it reflects in our mutual efforts but it's in no way a deliberate choice to sound typically something else than just TURBOCHARGED. We do have low tuning and somewhat a classic HM2-sound and that is deliberate though, simply because we like the brutality of the style and we feel that it fits our riffing pretty good.
Many has called our stuff "swedeath" and we might as well roll with it, we probably are a very swedeath-based unit after all.
If you look at all the classic Swedish Death Metal bands they also had a lot of D-beats and other semi-punk/semi-metal details that come naturally for us and I reckon it's all, because we were all spawned out of the heritage of bands like MOTÖRHEAD, VENOM and SODOM and it's just one of those things that fall into place without even trying.
Let's just use our own label "Deathpunk Metal" to describe the album, we don't hide the fact that we are not reinventing the wheel here.
"Apocalyptic" was released on both vinyl and CD formats. I have the white vinyl version, which is simply astonishing. You did separate graphic designs for both versions that is absolutely great as for me. Was it natural to go for 2 layout concepts from the start? The cover artwork by All Things Rotten from Croatia is killer as well. Will you continue to work with them in the future?
- Actually, the original idea was the black (CD) version, but when I was sitting here at my desktop I accidentally inverted the background and made the black into white and when the shock had worn off I realized it looked cool and I decided to make both versions to show to the other guys.
We couldn't really decide so I think it was our label-boss who came up with the idea to make the LP white and the CD black. If there will ever be a reissue of this album we will swap the colours and have the CD white and the LP black but the risk of us ever selling out something is pretty slim, ha ha.
All Things Rotten came into the picture through a personal friendship with the guy behind the artwork and we are strongly considering asking him for more artwork indeed, one must always strive for the best result and he is a killer artist who knows what you want as a metal band.
You've been cooperated with plenty of record labels, but Go Fuck Yourself Productions is the one releasing your full-lengths since 2015. How did you hook up with them? Tell us more about this covenant and your friendship with Pascal.
- We've been friends with Pascal for quite some time now and when we were on tour in 2014 we stopped at his place one night and had a few drinks.
When we left Germany for the next gig in Italy we started talking in the car about what to do when the tour was over and we realized that the best option would be to find a label closer than the Mexican one we were on at the time and in the back of our minds we remembered that Pascal had some sort of distro/label thing going on.
When we got back home we contacted him to ask if he was interested in releasing our next album and he said yes.
He is our label boss and still the same good friend as before so we are really happy as long as he still wants us to be in his stable of bands, we see no reason on our behalf to change this in any way.
In support of "Apocalyptic" you've done 3 video clips, to the songs "Alpha Blasphemer", "Angelcripple" and "Religious and Infected". Very professional execution I would say. How long you've been into doing video editing and shooting? What kind of video editing & shooting equipment you own right now? Tell us more about the functioning of Obscure Underground Productions and the works you've done for other bands and labels up to now.
- Yes, out of these three videos only one was really planned, the "Alpha Blasphemer" video was actually well prepared and had some planning behind it while the other two videos were accidental at times when I for some reason had the camera with me to the rehearsal place.
There are more plans for videos, but time is not in our favor right now with summer creeping up on us with family duties and such so we're not as fast in this department as I had hoped for.
I am still learning this whole "Hollywood" thing so I am eager to do multiple projects at once, but have to await the right time for us all to find the time, I'm afraid.
It might be a good thing too, if we released videos in the speed I would like we would be wearing out our friends out there with our ugly faces and shitty music, ha ha!
My current setup for shooting is a Canon 70D DSLR camera with a few simple lenses and a ton of gadgets that I have bought cheap from China in the last two years or so, ranging from a shoulder rig to an external monitor and some other helpful toys but I still have lots and lots of stuff to buy before I am settled for proper productions.
My economy is always the problem so I have to plan it right and therefor it takes the time it needs for me to build my dream rig. This is simply a hobby with a bigger vision so it has to start low and work itself up for now.
I use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects at the moment to edit and add the final touches, but I have done most of the old stuff in Sony Vegas before getting one foot into the Adobe system.
I have been working with Photoshop for about 20 years before this, both as a hobby and through a place of work, but I didn't quite get the hang of the rest of the Adobe suite until recently.
Obscure Underground Productions is merely a collection of all the things I fool around with for now, but I decided to brand my stuff with this name now so I might already have a name that people recognizes if I ever get it up and running as a proper phenomenon.
The other bands that I have been doing stuff for are close friends who asked me and I needed the practice, it hasn't been a business deal so far, and I have done it because I like the bands.
BULLDOZING BASTARD, WAN, BULLETSIZE and TERMINAL VOID are the bands I can recall right now and they are all worth checking out if anyone reading this is interested in what my friends are doing with their lives, just do a search on YouTube and you will find it all.
I have a few other plans with cool bands coming up, but we'll keep that a secret for now since there are no dates set yet, just mark my words that there will be havoc and brutality coming at you!
I know it might be too early to ask, but do you already have some new materials written for the forthcoming album or maybe split releases? If so, what should we expect music-wise there?
- We have recorded an EP that is made for a special reason, but the details about this will be revealed when we have a way to go about it, it was an idea that grew on us and it was the first thing we did once our booked gigs of the year were over and we had free hands to write new stuff.
We also have almost half an album finished that we are rehearsing at the moment, but we still have to decide what comes next and what ends up on the next album of course, we have to make sure it blow "Apocalyptic" out of the water so it's a delicate process to make the biggest possible impact.
The songs so far are what you can expect after our previous albums, they're fast, aggressive and deliver blasphemy with no compromise. If you have looked into our discography you already know that we tend to become more extreme for every album and I think this material is no exception.
How was your trip to Italy? Share your impressions from the "Apocalyptic Stench" tour. Where do you plan to conquer live in the very near future? Do you play live a lot in Sweden? What are your favorite places/countries to spread the Scandinavian darkness?
- As always when we come to Italy it was great to meet up with the guys from VIOLENTOR and to share the road once again, we are family!
The gigs were cool and the crowds welcomed us with open arms, it was simply a fucking blast and we were sad when we had to go back home to all the daily duties so soon.
Next up for us, which is actually the only booking we know as I write this, is to play at the No Compromise Metal Fest in Belgium in the end of September. We decided to not chase tours and gigs this year to make place and time for writing the next album so this booking kinda fell into our hands by pure luck.
We don't play much at all in Sweden, we have played more in eastern Europe than here actually, it's all about connections and who really relates to your efforts as a band. No one is a prophet in their own country, as they say, and we didn't do much to convince the Swedish scene that we are worth the attention I guess. We have our circle of friends and it takes us to cool places far away, that's how things turned out and we are happy with it.
We did play in Stockholm pretty often in recent years, but that was probably more because we were easy to work with us being a band that draws a crowd.
Our fave places to play must be Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania, mostly because we have so many friends there that we know there will be a great party.
Where do you get the inspiration to write such straightforward or let's say fist-into-the-face lyrics? What kind of books/magazines you like to read the most and which are the ones that make you simply vomit from?
- I don't know really, I just enjoy very harsh and offensive stuff so I just go with my inner flow. I'm not a violent or very offensive guy who turns into a problem among people unless I am pushed into becoming the problem, but I do have extreme views and I get it out through playing and belching it out in our songs.
Only an idiot would risk tours and album releases by getting locked up and have to pay damages to churches, right? My lyrics are more like a vision of how the world would be a better place if religion was wiped from the face of the earth, but we all know that this is so farfetched that it most likely never will happen, but that shouldn't stop me from at least mentioning it, right?
I have to admit that I don't read much, I simply don't have the patience to sit down and put my nose into a book without thinking of all the riffs and video ideas I could have thought of instead. I do watch a lot of movies and clips online though, so I am not a total caveman, I just have different forums feeding me the knowledge, ideas and inspiration.
What I vomit from is simply the mainstream media in all shapes and forms, it's all a hidden agenda to keep us stupid and unaware of what is going on in the world. Everyone has a purpose with everything they proclaim and they want us to be sheep dancing to the shepherd's voice.
What kind of music/bands you like to listen to lately? Can you pick us at least 10, but 20 would be even better, releases that were inspirational to you or just influenced you in an essential way? The same goes to cover artworks. Please name us 5 or 10 that impressed you somehow and did an impact.
- I listen to the same stuff as I always listened to really, the old bands are always unmatched and you only add new bands that come along and make an impression, right? The classics that shaped me are many but to mention a few: VENOM "Welcome to Hell", SODOM "Persecution Mania", MOTÖRHEAD "Ace of Spades", EXODUS "Bonded by Blood", THOR "Only the Strong", RAVEN "Rock Until You Drop", DESTRUCTION "Infernal Overkill", MAYHEM "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", WHIPLASH "Power and Pain", MORBID ANGEL "Altars of Madness", WARFARE "Total Warfare", MERCILESS "The Awakening", KREATOR "Pleasure to Kill".
And there are tons more, but I won't namedrop into eternity now, however in recent years there are many bands that really deserves the attention for reinventing their own influences into something rather deadly, bands like: VIOLENTOR, INFEST, SLAUGHTBBATH, BONE, DREADFUL FATE, PILE OF EXCREMENTS, CHAINSAW (Greece), etc., etc., etc.
These bands are from the same generation of dedicated bands as ourselves and the struggle continues, therefor we all need a scene that cares so make sure to check them out and give them your support, folks!
Aside from the band what should we know about Freddie Fister (drummer) and Old Nick (guitarist). What type of daily job they have and which kind of hobbies they follow? List us your hobbies as well.
- This is so far the hardest question here, ha ha! We are just three flabby guys playing the devil's music so it's hard to know what is interesting enough to know about us. We all have different jobs: I help elders in their homes with their daily routines, Freddie molds concrete and Nick is in the demolishing industry. We all have kids and do the laundry, cook dinners and all the boring household chores as everyone else in our age. For hobbies I don't know really, we have the band and I think that occupies time enough to not leave room for much else.
Last apocalyptic words are yours.
- Thanks for the interest, buddy! I hope these answers shed light on some things that weren't already obvious about us and I hope we'll meet as many readers as possible along the road in coming years, we are NOT going away and we are hungry for more! Keep your eyes and ears open for the new album planned to be out in early 2019 and hopefully some more videos until then! Cheers!!!

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