STABBED is a very young but rather promising quartet hailing from Slovakia. The band plays old-school Death Metal and includes members of OBLITERATE. Read my interview with guitarist Ivan "Ivin" Babilonský.

At the beginning of 2017 you've decided to form STABBED, a band that plays old-school Death Metal exclusively. It started as a side project, right? How this idea came to your mind? Was the name of the band chosen due to Stu's recent incident?
- It all was shaped into this form in November 2016, first idea was to do some "funny & humorous" band maybe in gore-grind style, but after a few days and first songs, we realized that "fun" can turn against us, and even music was different. Somehow it all turned naturally and STABBED become STABBED. Yes, you are guessing right, it was inspired by Stu's bad experiences, we had a totally different name for that "funny project", but that name wasn't right for what we wanted to play and what we want to tell with our band. I really liked this band name, because it's short, strong, and truthfully.
Your line-up mostly combines members of OBLITERATE. Please share them to the readers and also refer to other bands they're actually involved in.
- In the beginning the line-up was the same as in OBLITERATE, but Gaby had strong life changing situations at the same time, when we shaped STABBED. At this time Gaby is no longer the singer in STABBED, and Marek became the only singer in STABBED, not just as stand-in. Besides OBLITERATE, Matúš have a prog-death band – ORTOMEN, Stu grinds bass in ATARAXIA with Gaby, Marek has a Death Metal band ALMA PERSONA, with Matúš on drums, and I have a few side projects, for example my solo "band" IVIN.
The first single came in April along with a video clip to the song called “Cellar Story”. As I've understood from it, your lyrics are connected with crimes and criminals. Who writes the lyrics and what kind of topics will be touched in the future?
- Yes, themes for STABBED are mainly about crimes, violence and horror movies, just like for the early Death Metal bands from the 90s. Matúš wrote "Cellar story", and most of the lyrics on the forthcoming album are written by me, but in the future, I think Marek will contribute with his own lyrics as well.
In the beginning of July you've visited Gothoom Studio and recorded drums there. How was it to work there? What kind of material should we expect to be released shortly? Where will you record the rest of the instruments?
- It was a hard work, because we had just one day to record drums for the debut album, but it was also a lot of fun there. Matúš did a perfect job on drums, you will hear it in the near future. I already started recording guitars in my home studio, but at this time I've stopped recordings because of my broken arm. Nowadays you don't have to go to big studios, especially if you don't have that budget to pay them. So Stu will do bass recordings at his home, and Marek will sing maybe at my home studio, or somewhere at rehearsal rooms, as we did for the first single "Cellar story".
You've started to play live quite actively. How was the crowd's reaction to the STABBED material so far? What should the people of UzhGoreRot festival expect from you live in August?
- We are glad that most reactions are positive. On the mini-tour with OBLITERATE and ANIME TORMENT, a few people was a little bit disoriented when they saw playing the same people on stage, but two different bands. What can you expect from us? I am hoping that the audience will enjoy our catchy rhythms & riffs and, of course, our live performance.
Speaking of old-school Death Metal bands. Can you list us some favorites of yours, please? From the old-school Death Metal veterans which albums impressed you the best lately and why?
- I will speak only for myself, and there's nothing surprising in my list. Classic bands, like DEATH, PESTILENCE, ATHEIST, CARCASS, CYNIC..., but I have to confess, I didn't follow most of the Death Metal bands these days. Well, maybe the latest album from CARCASS made me to impress, especially I'm really happy that I have finally seen them playing after their reunion.
Talk us a bit about the actual underground scene of Slovakia. How do you see it these days? Is it better by now or it was better in the past? What bands, magazines, festivals and labels would you recommend to us?
- SK scene is mostly like other local scenes, we have good bands and we have bad bands. I don't want to live in the past, so now it is better. Definitely check labels like Gothoom, SMA, Support Underground; from bands ATARAXIA, ORTOMEN, MINOR, DOOMAS, HOLOTROPIC, CAD and many more. If you want to have the best experience with the Slovak UG scene, just visit Gothoom festival, where you will see the best from it live.
There's a new material in progress with your main band OBLITERATE as well. Could you tell us more about that record? Where do you move musically this time? How many songs will be there? When and where it will be out?
- It will be a five-song EP called "Universe, milk, structures" and you can expect some tech stuff as on "Superboring", but also more energy in songs. At this time we are still stuck in recording process due to Gaby's changes in his personal life, he still don't have the time to go into the studio and record his parts, so I can't tell when it will be out, just hoping it will be soon.
As I know from time to time you are also working at the Gothoom Studio, recording and producing Slovakian metal bands there. Which bands produced you so far, what band did you like the most to work with?
- The list isn't as long, because this job isn't my main job, which pays my bills. But I worked with these bands so far: ACHSAR, DOOMAS, STAGE OF SYNERGY, ANSTRATUS, DYSANGELIUM, GOD DEFAMER, ABORT TO BE BORN, BORDERLINE and I enjoyed all of them, because every job was special and different, and you are always learning through these experiences, so I'm glad for everything.
Last stabbed words are yours. Please finish the interview in a way you would prefer to.
- First of all, I want to thank you for this interview. And also can't wait to see you at UzhGoreRot, where I hope there will be a majority of the readers of this 'zine too. What else can I say; ok maybe this: if you want to have a strong scene, just support it! (True words – Ed.)

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