Darek, drummer of F.A.M., was really cool an answered my questions pretty quick! He told us a bit about their latest work "Human Cargo", the upcoming release as well as about the Grindcore scene of Poland! Enjoy our conversation!!!

Whose idea was to name the band F.A.M. that is Furor Arma Ministrat? What meaning lies in these words for you? Is there any special story behind this bandname?
- There's no special story about the bandname. Furor Arma Ministrat is a Latin sentence. It began when I had a band called DISSENTER. Me and my guitarist Stocker decided to make a new band called F.A.M.
Your second album "Human Cargo" became huge. While listening to its songs I imagined a kind of supersonic devastation. Where did you record it, who mixed & produced it and how was it to work on this album in the studio?
- We recorded this album at my home studio. Mix and mastering was done for us by Michal Grabowski (BlackTeamMedia). We had a lot of time for recording. We worked really easy and it was time full of fun for us.
I was pretty positively surprised by your cover version on MY DYING BRIDE's "All Swept Away" song. I have to say, it is awesome! How exactly was this song chosen?
- This decision was very spontaneous... I heard this song one day, and I thought... fuck... if we play it faster then it will be a great track... I did not care to make a "typical cover", which other bands make. It was supposed to be a different type of a track, not in our style.
You are actually signed with Deformeathing Production. How is your cooperation with this label so far? Will they release your new album as well?
- I know Wojtek from Deformeathing for a really long time. It's not a big label, but he's doing his best to make promotion for bands. We don't know actually if Deformeathing will be the label for our future albums.
Speaking of the new F.A.M. material. Do you already have new songs written? What should we know about them and the musical direction of the forthcoming stuff?
- New material is in progress. We want to release it this year. It'll be more brutal than the old albums.
The members of F.A.M. played in rather numerous bands/projects so far. How the actual line-up was formed? Please name us those bands in which the F.A.M. members are still active.
- Actual line-up is: Zajcew – vox (ex-PARRICIDE, ex-CONFUSION), Nelek – guitar (ex-BANISHER, ex-CLIMATE), Darek Mlody – drums (ex-DISSENTER, ex-CHRIST AGONY, AMORPHOUS, XAOZ). We have now a new bass player – Armagog – he plays also in bands A.H.P. and THRONEUM.
The Polish Grindcore scene is quite famous I would say. How it looks in the perspective now and how was the scene when you started with F.A.M. back in 2005? Make a comparison, please. Also mention us all the worthy Grindcore bands that recently appeared.
- When we started with F.A.M in 2005 there was less bands than today, but those bands were more into real Grindcore. Today's scene has a lot of shitty quality bands, which do nothing new and productive for the Grindcore style.
You've been touring with PARRICIDE in 2006. How do you remember your visit to Ukraine and in particular your show in Uzhgorod? Did you like it or no? You've been visited Ukraine several times later in the ranks of CHRIST AGONY as well. Share us your memories from those trips too.
- It was really nice and crazy tour with PARRICIDE in 2006. I enjoyed playing in Ukraine. I remember Uzhgorod very well. The crowd was insane and people were really friendly. I think I have records from that gig. (Yeah, you definitely should have them, as we filmed almost everything back then, ahahaha – Ed.) Funny thing is that present F.A.M. guitarist Nelek played this tour with us with his band called CLIMATE. (Yes, I remember this clearly too – Ed.) My next tour in Ukraine was with CHRIST AGONY. We had sick time with friends from DEAD INFECTION on that trip. Ukraine is always awesome, time full of party and alcohol.
Recently you parted ways with CHRIST AGONY. You've played drums for 5 years there, but what is strange to me that on their latest album "Legacy" (2016) drums were recorded by Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski. Why is it so? Also please explain to us why everybody leaves that band in a short term of time?
- Cezar is a toxic person. He can't cooperate with people. He's just a piece of liar, shit and thief. These are the reasons, why we quit the band. I didn't know that Daray is recording drums for the new album. Cezar never said it to me. I read the news in the internet. Now Cezar is probably looking for new musicians, but he will lie and cheat them about money for sure. Watch out with him!!!
Can we expect some new releases by AMORPHOUS or XAOZ in the very near future? If so, please go into details and enlighten us as more as possible news regarding those bands.
- AMORPHOUS isn't active for now, because Marek Pajak plays a lot with VADER. Today we don't have any plans about new material, but in the future... who knows... The situation with XAOZ looks similar. Maybe something in the future.
At the end, feel free to express your wishes to all the readers of Encomium and send your greetings to all the F.A.M. fans in Ukraine.
- Thanks for the interview. Greetings for all Encomium readers. Hope to see you in the future on gigs. Keep it brutal \m/
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