Brutality is the type of band every true death metal fan should know about. They come from the mecca of death metal, i.e. Tampa (Florida). I was fortunate to ask a few questions from vocalist Scott Reigel. He was lightning fast in answering, thus behold the result.

In the middle of 2012 Brutality has reunited its forces again and started to invade the underground masses with both live performances as well as new recordings. What served as a catalyst for this? Please introduce us the 2019 line-up of Brutality.
- Our fans! Our current lineup is: Scott Reigel (vocals), Jeff Acres (bass, vocals), Jay Fernandez (guitar), Jarrett Pritchard (guitar), Ronnie Parmer (drums).
"Sea of Ignorance" was released in 2016. It is your fourth full-length release and I should admit that it's a truly great continuation of its predecessor "In Mourning" (1996). There's exactly 20 years between those two albums, but you're playing the same kind of ultra-technical death metal that was initiated back in the end of the 80s. How the hell could you preserve your musical identity and originality so long?
- We simply just do what we've always done when it comes to writing together. We've all been friends along time so it comes naturally to us.
Your latest release was "Antecedent Offerings" 7" EP in 2018. It featured two tracks, namely "Crushed" and "Artistic Butchery", both are re-recorded versions of good old classic songs. The first one was taken from "Screams of Anguish" (1993), while the second one comes from "When the Sky Turns Black" (1994). Whose idea was to re-record them again? The 7" was issued by your label Ceremonial Records and was limited to 500 copies. Isn't that too little number of copies these days? Was it already sold-out or the diehard Brutality fans can still order it from you?
- Truthfully the studio where we record "New Constellations" in Orlando, FL happen to get an old 2inch tape recorder. So, they asked us if we wanted to help get it up and running. That's when we decided to re-record 2 songs and put it on a limited vinyl 7inch. Copies are still available on our website:
During the past six years Ceremonial Records has been re-issuing most of the Brutality materials on LPs and CDs. Do you sell all your stuff on your own or you have set cooperation with a good amount of labels and distributors to spread Brutality worldwide?
- We have developed relationships with fans that have labels or distribution in different regions that license our music and we manufacture/distribute ourselves as well.
I suppose you are already in pre-production mode for the recordings of the fifth Brutality full-length album, am I right? When and where are you going to record the new stuff? How many songs will it feature and in which direction will they go?
- Yes, we are currently writing a new album now and plan to record early January 2020 in Orlando, FL. It's looking like an April 2020 release with 10 to 12 tracks.
You are rarely playing live. Why is it so? I've noticed your appearance at Netherlands Deathfest 2020, which is awesome. Will you play only there exclusively or there are other European shows in plans as well? By the way, tell us your impressions from MDF 2019?
- MDF was a great show glad we finally were able to play it. We'll be going to NDF 2020 exclusively for the EU.
You are from Tampa, Florida. Could you please compare the underground death metal movement/scene of the 80s/90s with the current one? In your honest opinion what changed since the moment you've entered it? Did you manage to play any live shows recently there?
- When the scene started here back in the 80's we were just a bunch of young teens wanted to play extreme music. Never did we think we would be part of the pioneering of death metal and what it has turned out to be now. There is still a scene here, but it's nothing compared to the glory days in Tampa. We haven't played here in about a year now, but we will.
"Sea of Ignorance" included an epic cover version of Bathory's "Shores in Flames" from the album "Hammerheart" (1990). Really unexpected choice, but have to admit it was recorded and arranged in a magnificent way. How did you end up recording exactly this song? I mean, did you have any other options for covers back then? Can we expect another unexpected cover to be recorded for your fifth album?
- We all have been Bathory fans since we were teens so we picked a song we thought would be fun to record. Our new album will not have a cover on it.
Let's talk a bit about your musical tastes and interests. What kind of music do you listen to with pleasure lately? Are there any new bands that impressed you right at once or you better stick to the good old bands/releases from the past?
- We all listen to different styles old and new as far as newer metal bands nothing really sticks out at the moment. I'm sure there are lots of bands out there waiting to be noticed for their talents.
Artistically finish this interview. The last ceremonial words are yours.
Brutality would like to thank all of our fans worldwide that have stuck by us over the last 30 years. You are the only reason we exist and continue to have the feelings to write our music. Stay brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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