Appalling Testimony is an ultra brutal death metal band that lately risen out from the soils of Kyiv (Ukraine). I've asked Vitaly Drozdov (vocalist) to transfer to our readers all the latest happenings around the band.

Appalling Testimony was formed in the summer of 2018. Its line-up includes members of Ezophagothomia and Zoofagus. Please introduce to the readers the current band members as well as the other musical projects they are involved in.
- Indeed we started back in 2018. I think it was earlier than summer. It was March I believe. Yura Kowalchuk and I decided to start that band with the main goal of bringing down brutal death metal music, in our favorite North American style. That is my only one and main brainchild band for now. As for the other members, Yura is still involved in his Kyiv's band Intoxicated as well as in old international act Repulsive Dissection. Our drummer Alexey also plays in his band Zoofagus and Kyiv's grindcore band Zombies Eat My Neighbours. As for our bass player Stanislav – he devoted himself to creativity and riffage in Appalling Testimony mostly, but as far as I remember he was also into some black metal projects before joining us. Unfortunately, he left the band recently, because he went back to his hometown Kherson.
A few weeks ago you've finished the recordings of your debut demo called "Feed to Survive". It consists of 5 tracks. Where the recordings took place? Who produced, mixed & mastered the stuff?
- Yes, there are five tracks in total. It consists of three tracks + intro and outro tracks. Drums, guitars and bass were recorded by Igor Lystopad at his Sick Carnage studio and vocal parts were recorded at Vyacheslav Shinkarenko's studio M-Works Division. Final mixing/mastering was done by Igor Lystopad.
The cover artwork for your demo was done by Rudi Yanto from Gorgingsuicide Art. Was this idea coming directly from him or you've sent your exact demands regarding how the cover art should look like? Tell us more details about your cooperation with Rudi.
- Yes, the cover art conception was our idea. We've sent it out to Rudi with maximum details regarding what we want to see on the front cover (starting with character presentation and the black and white coloring idea). He liked it and put all exactly as we wished for. Rudi is a wonderful master and we are very glad and pleased that he became a part of our demo.
You've managed to invite three guest growlers to participate on your debut demo. Please introduce them to the readers and also the songs they were featured in.
- Yeah, it's pretty simple. For the track "Overthrow to Decapitate" we asked Evgeniy "Corvus" from Kyiv's band Encephalotomy to lay down a few lines. In the track "Embalmed in the Name of Science" a really legendary person joined us. It's John Lecher from US band Splattered Cadaver, who participated on that one. And in track "Sequestered and Rotten Alive" it was Alex from the band Voracity (Rivne/Ukraine).
Let me congratulate you with your signing to Pathologically Explicit Recordings. How did you hook up with this Spanish label? Are they going to release your 5-song debut demo or you have to record a full-length material for them?
- Thanks for the congratulations bro! Pathologically Explicit Recordings is a pretty well-known European label specializing in extreme underground music. It's impossible not to know that one if you're in the subject. Every PER release is a bomb! Suffice it to mention bands like Fixation on Suffering, Burial, Human Excoriation, Immortal Suffering, Vulgore and many others. Also there are tons of classic old releases published there, like the toughest Haemophagia as well as the first albums by Cumbeast and Kraanium.
We are very pleased that the label of this level has signed our almost unknown to anyone band. We did not discuss whether our cooperation would be limited to publishing only a demo or it would last until the release of a full-length album sometime soon. So far, it's the demo and then only time will tell what next.
You've already managed to play four live shows with Appalling Testimony. How was the fans' reaction to your live sets? Where do you plan to play live this year? Any invites from abroad?
- Yeah, those were excellent, thematic concerts. Everyone there was into having maximum fun and knew what they're in there for! Therefore, they reacted to us very cheerfully and sincerely. Much respect to the Kyiv death/grind public! This year will end for us with a joint performance with our old friends Relics of Humanity, Extermination Dismemberment, Schizogen and Termination Central. That gig is booked for November in Kyiv and that's gonna be a huge death metal evening for sure! As for playing abroad. Well, there are no offers yet.
You have started as a five-piece band, then you shrinked to a quartet, but on your last show you've played as a trio. Why was it so? Are you still in search of musicians?
- Yes, that's true. We started as dual guitars band with Vladislav (from Ezophagothomia) taking over the second guitar slot. But soon he left the band for personal reasons. We are old friends and we hope that he will still find the opportunity to rejoin us one day. At the latest gig we had to play without bass player, because Stanislav urgently returned to his homeland. Actually, it was his remoteness from the group that did not allow him to continue to be part of the band. Now the bassist's place was taken by Crab of Zoofagus (ex-Ezophagothomia).
Musically you are pretty close to your former band's style, I mean Ezophagothomia here. How do you see it? By the way, why did Ezophagothomia split up?
- I agree with your comparison. Indeed, there are similarities. Appalling Testimony like Ezophagothomia was conceived as a band that cuts groovy old school death metal (the US vein) mixing that with elements of slamming in some way. Ezophagothomia disbanded due to some circumstances that made its further development and even existence impossible. Unfortunately, in the recent years, a conflict has prevailed inside the band, lacking mutual understanding as well as the musicianship constantly delayed. The band was doomed to decay in that line-up.
I know you are a big collector of brutal stuff. How many CDs, MCs and vinyls you own actually? Please name us at least 10 of your most favorite records. Also which were the last 10 records you bought?
- Thank you, hehe, but the definition of "big collector of brutal stuff" is a little exaggerated. There are very few tapes, vinyls are about 200, compact discs are about 2500. In the recent years, I try to fill the gaps of classic brutal death metal stuff with old school death metal bands. I'm buying less and less new releases. It's difficult to name just 10 favorites (because there are many, many more of them), but anyway let's try: Suffocation - "Effigy of the Forgotten", Internal Bleeding - "The Extinction of Benevolence", Cannibal Corpse - "Tomb of the Mutilated", Digested Flesh - "The Answer to Infection", Napalm Death - "Harmony Corruption", Inveracity - "Circle of Perversion", Mortal Decay - "Forensic", Pyrexia - "Sermon of Mockery", Gorguts - "The Erosion of Sanity", Deeds of Flesh - "Trading Pieces".
As for the latest collection acquisitions. They are: Dead Infection - "Surgical Disembowelment", Cathedral - "The Carnival Bizarre", Necrotic Mutation - "Mutanthology", Craniotomy - "Overgorged Flesh Flies Dying Slowly", Gortuary - "Awakening Pestilent Beings", Cruciform - "Atavism/Paradox", Putrid Womb - "Propensity for Violence", Kataplexia - "The Rise of the Unknown", Vile Apparition - "Depravity Ordained", Drawn and Quartered - "The One Who Lurks".
Last embalmed words are yours. So share your final thoughts with the readers.
- Thank you so much for the great questions. Support death metal underground and be healthy and optimistic!

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