"I Am Sick, I Must Die" 7" EP 2017
(Hammerheart Records)
It was four years ago when me and my Romanian friend – Sorin – started to conduct interviews with Erik Sprooten (INQUISITOR, ANCIENT RITES, PLUSMINUS) for our web blogs. In May we did for Sadistik Witchfukk one, while the other came in November for the Archangel's Lantern, respectively. Erik told us a lot of interesting details about the early INQUISITOR-days and a possible reunion of the Dutch thrashers. Three years ago, in October 2014, it happened in an unforeseen way. After almost two decades, the Dutch extreme thrash horde resurrected in its original line-up: Alex Wesdijk – vocals, Erik Sprooten – guitars, Alex Bakker – bass and Wim van der Valk – drums. Just a month later, in November 2014, Hammerheart Records re-releases the legendary debut album "Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust" (1996) and the extremely sought after demos of the band, i.e. "Blasphemous Accusations" (Demo #1, 1992) and "Your Pain Will Be Exquisite" (Demo #2, 1993). I would also really thank here my Dutch brother, Alex of Zwaertgevegt for sending me the tape version of the cult "Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust" album, along with the sticker and patch of INQUISITOR; and Erik Sprooten for the double-CD (including their signatures) and nice pins. Last year with my dear Dutch friend, Anita van Hussen, we asked Erik Sprooten about some news again and he mentioned that new tracks have been prepared for an EP to be released in collaboration with Hammerheart Records. Their label just announced the great news that the INQUISITOR 7" EP, called "I Am Sick, I Must Die" will be officially released 29th of October, 2017 and the long anticipated second full-length "Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery" will come in January, 2018. I was fortunate to listen to "I Am Sick, I Must Die" EP before the release date and I have to say I'm still under the heavy influence of the Dutch INQUISITOR's new stuff. There's no doubt, the furious vengeance of INQUISITOR is back and they are in full force and filled with devilish energy after more than 20 years! The unholy quartet clearly lets the thrashers know, the new track is really what they waited for. "I Am Sick, I Must Die" is a brilliant song tuned up with the demonical voice of Alex, precise blast-beats of Wim, Erik's super powerful & speedy riffs and insane bass-parts by the other Alex. All these include the old infernal INQUISITOR-feeling masterfully combined by their awesome aggression of our days. Besides the new INQUISITOR track, this special 7" EP contains two covers, namely PESTILENCE's "Extreme Unction" and DARK ANGEL's "Perish In Flames". Since I'm a big fan of PESTILENCE and DARK ANGEL from the end of the 80s/early 90s, I've been very curious how the inquisitors will play these amazing tracks and I must say, they've made just a perfect job with both of the covers. As an additional note: for their cover art INQUISITOR used a part of the impressive painting of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, called "The Triumph Of Death" (1562), which one perfectly fits to this infernal EP. To sum it up I would say: the Dutch INQUISITOR is definitely ready to spread their sonic tortures onward and they are cruelest than ever!!! (Review written by Georgius)
"Satanatas" 12" EP 2014
(TPL Records)
Hellbutcher and Tyrant, the devilish twins (who are known in Sweden as "Bröderna Hårdrock" – "The Hard Rock Brothers") after a 7-year break are back with a very massive old school mini EP, called "Satanatas". They joined forces with Disintegrator (drums), Savage Aggressor (guitars) and, last but not least, Satamás (Tamás Buday, who played the guitars on the first demo "The 7th Day of the Doom” (1987) of the legendary Hungarian TORMENTOR. "Satanatas" besides an inauspicious intro includes three tracks of uncompromising Svenskt Svartmetall. After the short, but menacing intro the Swedish hell brigade of NIFELHEIM starts off with the sounds of "From Hell's Vast Plains". It's a very intensive track, filled up by brilliant yet fast and mid-tempo riffs served brutally by Satamás and Savage Aggressor. They combine great melodies to which Tyrant adds technical bass parts, Disintegrator his frantic drumming and Hellbutcher the voice of devilment. The sound in this song is pretty dirty (and on the whole EP), which brought me back to good old 80s. Next composition named as "Bestial Rites" has the same powerful vibe as its predecessor, a well-written Black/Thrash Metal hymn. It follows "Praise Lord Satan", the last and longest track on Side A, an absolutely wrathful one. The bass lines for it were recorded by a guest musician, Frederick "Freddan" Melander, who played bass in BATHORY (1983-84) and was featured in the famous compilation called "Scandinavian Metal Attack". Side B of "Satanatas" has the same program as Side A, just played backwards. It was total Helvete to listen to it that way. To sum it up, "Satanatas" is an excellent EP, pretty rare limited edition, which highly recommended to all the fans of this Swedish horde! There's no place for disappointment. NIFELHEIM is back, so bow down! I'm very lucky to have "Satanatas" in my collection (Hail to my Swedish brother, Tobias Fongelius of VOODUS for sending me this vinyl with the signature of the mighty Pelle "Hellbutcher" Gustavsson), because this EP was sold only at NIFELHEIM concerts and cannot be purchased firsthand elsewhere. Praise Lord Satan, 666! (Review written by Georgius)
"Mortui Vivos Docent" 12" LP 2015
(Critical Mass Recordings)
The name of Peter Karlsson should sound familiar to all those death-thrasher maniacs, who listened and supported the music of such great bands as MAZE OF TORMENT, DECEIVER and THROWN. "Mortui Vivos Docent" (in translation "The Dead Teach the Living") is the 4th album done by Peter (as the previous 3 full-lengths were released as FLESH), but the 1st one to be unleashed under the moniker of THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP. My Swedish brother Peter (he is responsible in the band for the vocals, guitars, bass & lyrics) co-worked on this awesome album with the following notorious musicians: Micke Broberg (ex-CELESTIAL PAIN, UNANIMATED, BORN FOR BURNING, THE 13th PASSENGER) – guest vocals and some lyrics, Cecilia Bjärgö (ex-ARCANA, DER BLAUE REITER) – guest vocals on track "Bleed", Andreas Jonsson (VINTERLAND, TYRANT) – session drums and Peter Bjärgö (ARCANA, CRYPT OF KERBEROS) – guest keyboards. Additionally I would add that "Mortui Vivos Docent" was recorded in studio Beast by Peter Bjärgö (engineering, mixing & mastering) and the artwork, which is simply brilliant to me, was created by Erik Sahlström (ex-DECEIVER, ex-MAZE OF TORMENT, CRUCIFYRE, GENERAL SURGERY). The album starts with "Fallen Bliss". It contains some really furious guitar-riffs by Peter, insane drumparts by Andreas and hellish vocals of Micke. It's an absolutely killer piece of old school Svensk Dödsmetall. The next track is entitled "The Eternal Dawn", which has more middle tempos and vocals done again by Micke Broberg. On the "Crave in Fire" we can listen to Peter's growling. This song is very variegated. It includes mid-parts with guitars and drums of windstorm. "The Suicide End" is a very melancholic one as its title suggests it as well. This is the song where the two excellent vocalists meet for the first time. I must admit, Peter and Micke did an infernal collaboration. The 5th song, called "Burning Darkness", was written by Peter and the listeners can come across his painful voice again, which absolutely fits into this sorrowful track. I have to say "Raven's Reborn" (Micke on vocals) and "God of the Crawling Whore" (Peter and Micke, both on vocals) are very well-written compositions. They come with excellent occult atmospheres as well as the following song, namely "Bleed", where Cecilia Bjärgö and Micke share the vocal-parts. For the grand finale we have "Recycle My Death", a song that is magnificently coronate the triumphant end of "Mortui Vivos Docent". Summa summarum, this album has been one of my favorite releases of 2013 (as it was released for the first time exactly that year by Pulverised Records on CD), if we are talking about Swedish Death Metal. Last but not least, tack så mycket, thanks so much to Peter for the signed vinyl & CD, plus the awesome T-shirt. (Review written by Georgius)

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